If you require details of our fee structure, please contact Augustus Chambers by email for a quote. Please note that a quotation will be provided within 10 days of your request. Fees are generally charged on a fixed fee basis. You will not be charged VAT.

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FEE Structure (Rough Guide Only)*
Immigration and Human Rights law Private Fees

First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
EEA/EU matters
Human Rights applications
Applications made under the Immigration Rules including Points based system, Sponsorship license applications)
Full Hearing in London (York House included): £550-650
Full Hearing outside London £650 plus travel costs
Adjourned Hearing fees £300
Deportation appeal hearings £750-850
Bail applications (within London) £400
Bail applications (outside London) £550 (plus all travel costs)

Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Error of Law hearings £750-850
Resumed Hearings (not previously instructed) £850
Error of Law/Resumed Hearings (deportation) £950
Judicial Review (Oral Permission) £750
Judicial Review (Full Hearing) £1250
Adjourned Hearing Fee £300
Court of Appeal (Civil Division) £ from £950
Supreme Court (please enquire)

Drafting Instructions
Advice (please enquire)***
Judicial Review grounds £450-550
Injunction applications £250 (if part of the JR)
Injunction applications (stand alone) £550
Grounds of appeal to the FTT £350
Grounds of appeal to the UT From £400
Grounds of appeal to the CA £550-600

Consultation Fees £275 per hour

*Please note that this is a rough guide to the fees chargeable for the completion of work outlined above. An uplift may be charged to reflect the complexity of the case or paper count.
**No VAT shall be payable on the above fees.
***Available on request by email (amakano1@hotmail.com). The fees may vary depending on the amount of papers which must be reviewed and the complexity of the case involved.

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